National Sugar Marketing, LLC (“NSM”) and its shareholders Amalgamated Sugar, Sucden Americas, Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative, and Spreckels Sugar strive to maintain a world-class food safety and quality assurance program. We choose to lead the industry in food safety and quality by ensuring that our programs and practices embody industry best-practices, exceed customer expectations, and meet all regulatory requirements.

This manual communicates all standardized, food safety and quality requirements in place at company-owned facilities. Requirements are communicated through policy, standard operating procedures, and standardized forms. Our Member Partners are fully committed to providing appropriate resources to maintain our HACCP-based programs and drive for continuous improvement.

Documentation includes:

Policy (P), Standard Operating Procedures (S), Standardized Forms (F), Supporting Documentation; Appendix (A)

Questions, comments, or change requests can be submitted to

1.0 Management Commitment

1.1 Commitment to Food Safety & Quality (P)

1.2 Change Management (P)

1.2-01 Change Request Form (F)

1.3 Continual Improvement Measures & Food Safety Objectives (P)

1.4 Corrective Actions & Root Cause Analysis (P)

1.5 Food Safety & Quality System Review (Management Review) (P)

1.6 Customer Complaint Management (P)

1.6-01 Customer Complaints (S)

1.7 Crisis Management & Contingency Planning (P)

2.0 Document Control

2.1 Document Control: Creation, Approval, and Implementation (P)

2.2 Records: Completion and Retention (P)


3.1 FDA Registration & Regulatory Compliance (P)

3.1-01 Regulatory Inspection Procedure (S)

3.2 Recall Program & Testing (P)

3.2-01 Recall Plan (S)

3.2-02 Consignee List (F)

3.2-03 Health Hazard Assessment (F)

3.2-04 Recall Strategy Template (F)

3.2-05 Customer Recall Notification Letter (F)

3.2-06 Recall Customer Response Form: Recall Verification (F)

3.3 Technical, Regulatory & Industry Updates (P)

3.4 Non-Food Sugar Sales (P)

4.0 Product Identification

4.1 Product Lot Numbers (P)

4.2 Product Resource Numbers (P)

4.3 Product Labeling & Palletized Product (P)

4.4 Traceability (P)

5.0 Food Safety: Good Manufacturing Practices & Hazard Analysis & Risk-Based Preventive Controls

5.1 Good Manufacturing Practices & Prerequisite Programs (P)

5.1.01 Employee Food Safety & Quality Training (P)

5.1.02 Personnel Practices (P)

5.1.03 Integrated Pest Management (P)

5.1.03-01 Local Storage and Use of Pesticides (S)

5.1.04 Equipment Calibration: Food Safety (P)

5.1.05 Facility & Equipment Maintenance (P)

5.1.06 Cleaning, Sanitation & Waste Management (P)

5.1.07 Water & Air Monitoring (P)

5.1.08 Physical Contaminant Control (P)

5.1.09 Product Storage & Warehousing (P)

5.1.10 Bulk Sugar Railcars (P)

5.1.11 Bulk Sugar Trucks/Trailers (P)

5.1.12 Dry Van Trailers & Container Standards (P)

5.1.13 Boxcars (P)

5.1.14 Liquid Tankers & Containers (P)

5.1.15 Allergens & Sensitizing Agents (P)

5.1.16 Chemical Control & Approval (P)

5.1.17 Supplier Approval (P)

5.1.18 Visitors (P)

5.2 Food Safety Plan (P)

5.2.01 Risk Analysis (P)

6.0 Food Quality

6.1 Specification Management (P)

6.2 Product Sampling & Retain Requirements (P)

6.3 Certificates of Analysis (CoA) (P)

6.4 Product Shelf Life & FIFO Stock Rotation (P)

6.5 Annual Product Analyses (P)

6.6 Package Weights and Scale Licensing (P)

6.7 Laboratory Proficiency Testing (P)

7.0 Nonconforming Product, Incidents & Corrections

7.1 Food Safety & Quality Incidents (P)

7.2 Nonconforming Product & Materials (P)

7.3 Product Hold & Release (P)

7.4 Rejected & Returned Product (P)

8.0 Verification & Validation

8.1 Validation (P)

8.2 Verification (P)

8.3 Internal Auditing & Facility Inspections (P)

8.4 Second & Third-Party Audits (P)

9.0 Food Defense & Food Fraud

9.1 Food Defense (P)

9.2 Food Fraud (P)

10.0 Distribution Network: Contract Warehousing & Manufacturing

10.1 Contractor Expectations & Communication (P)

11.0 Appendix

11.1 Quality Assurance Team Members (A)

11.2 Definitions (A)

11.3 NSM Emergency Contacts (A)

11.4 Register for Standardized Documents (A)

11.5 References (A)

11.6 NSM-Approved Wash Stations (A)