Our mission is to work closely with our partners and distributors to provide our customers with the highest quality, plant-sourced sugar products at the best value. Working to make life a little sweeter. 

Formed in May 2011, National Sugar Marketing LLC was created as a joint-venture partnership between The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC, based in Boise, Idaho, and Sucden Americas Corporation, based in Miami, Florida. In March 2016, Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative, based in Renville, Minnesota, joined the partnership. 

The Amalgamated Sugar Company and Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative are both grower-owned beet sugar cooperatives, while Sucden Americas Corporation specializes in importing sugar from free trade agreement regions to the United States. 

Utilizing a vast network of production and distribution facilities across the United States and Mexico, National Sugar Marketing LLC provides a wide variety of high-quality products to our customers.