To meet the growing customer and industry expectation for sustainable operations, National Sugar Marketing (NSM) and its member partners are actively developing a national sustainability program that best represents all aspects of our organization. It is the mission of NSM to strengthen social, economic and environmental performance with practical, sustainable measures.

We support an ethically grounded approach to sustainability.  It begins with care for our planet and its ecosystems, including maintenance of biodiversity, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and responsible stewardship of land, water and other resources. We strive for the best farming practices, the economic health of farmers, the health and safety of workers and consumers, and the labor rights of all individuals in the supply chain.

Sustainability thrives on the farm, where our innovative growers have an eye on the long-term future of their farms and factories. With environmentally friendly farming practices, we have advanced on-farm sustainability and efficiency; essentially doing more with less.

Today's farming methods have significantly improved land usage, which translates into more sugar with less acreage of land.  Through conservation tillage, we are improving soil structure and health. With enhanced nutrient management and water utilization, we are using fewer pesticides and reducing diesel fuel usage. These efforts combined, lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

NSM and its member partners participate in Syngenta’s Sustainable Solutions and Field to Market sustainability programs. Sustainable Solutions and Field to Market provide a common framework for sustainability measurement that farmers and the supply chain can use to better understand and assess performance. Sucden Americas Corporation is Bonsucro Chain of Custody certified; this ensures the traceability of sustainability claims along the supply chain from the farm to the end user. We also participate in the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) Certification. SMETA is designed to reduce duplication in ethical trade auditing, benefiting retailers, consumers, and their suppliers.

National Sugar Marketing is committed to promoting, procuring, measuring and improving a sustainable supply of sugar for use in our food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products.